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SAAY Story


Hello and welcome to SAAY.
I am so glad and overwhelmed you're here!


I am Albert, the founder of SAAY. I have experienced the pain of long shipping time when I shop online. The orders come from China that takes weeks to arrive. Don't even mention the quality. 


Nope. Nah-ah!


Because of this very reason, I have been working to bring about a solution to you. Though there are a few products that may take up to 15 business days indicated on the product page, I always aim to have your orders delivered no longer than 8 business days. So you don't have to wait for weeks!

And I do this without compromising the quality of the products. I choose the products carefully. I sample the products myself sometimes I even stress-test them to see how long they can last. For example, I stress-tested a nappy bag by loading heavy objects into the bag just to see how heavy the straps can handle. If it doesn't pass the stress-test, I will not sell it to you. Some products I also use myself because if I cannot use them, why would I sell them?

Not only that, as you may have noticed, the brands I sell are well-known such as ClaudiaG Collection, Gunas New York, Phive Rivers. They are all made in the USA. 

Last but not least, the products I sell are supplied directly by the manufacturer so I can even undercut retailers' prices. I will always try to beat retailers' prices so you can enjoy the savings.

Once again, I thank you for your visit and support! I truly hope you enjoy shopping with SAAY.